The Bhakta Mahila Mandal of Houston (BMMH) is an organization that promotes and practices ideals of Hinduism and Hindu religion through worship, education, and teaching.  Bhakta Mahila Mandal of Houston strives to educate and inform its members so they can make better, healthier, or more ideal life choices.  BMMH is a community level forum for women to discuss their personal, social, political, spiritual and economic concerns. BMMH has played a crucial role in strengthening its women. Women have transitioned their energies from themselves to their families and then finally to the development of their very own communities.  Many women have been empowered by this process, finding new strength not only to help themselves, but those around them.  The true asset of BMMH has been their Member's ability to think together and be together.

BMMH always meet at least once a month at a Temple to do Bhajans, since it is believed that by singing Bhajans it purifies one's heart. BMMH found that Bhajans are one of the many ways in which we can all get together and celebrate the glories of the Lord together and that when this is done as a group the vibrations created are far greater than is possible individually.  BMMH believes group Bhajans purify the environment and thus is an excellent way of removing the negative energies that pollute our world today, and therefore, can achieve any mighty task by chanting the Divine Name. For spiritual practices like meditation and penance, a specific time and place are required. But for chanting the Divine Name, no such restriction needs to be followed. Through variety of  meetings they can analyze their problems and find applicable solutions within their means. Such solutions often contribute to the betterment of the lives of the BMMH’s members and the community in which they live. Thousands of women are coming out of their shell with the selfless assistance of BMMH. Since the formation of  BMMH, BMMH has donated and participated in marathons to raise funds for great causes such as March of Dimes and Making Strides for Breast Cancer.

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